Mitt Prompter
Pictured left, Governor Mitt Romney on the campaign trail in Davenport, Iowa at the Hotel Blackhawk.

Electronic Script Prompting teleprompting hardware and the PowerPrompter software was also used in 2004 on Senator John Kerry's campagin.

Pictured right, PowerPrompter at the 2012 Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, California.

Where else has Electronic Script Prompting teleprompter hardware and the PowerPrompter software been?

Events for Miller Brewing, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Anheuser Busch, Volvo, Ford, Mini Cooper, ABC, The American Medical Association, and many more!
grammys teleprompter
PowerPrompter software powered the
teleprompting at the 2012 Grammy’s!

Teleprompter Testimonials and Reviews

Hi Frank,

Thanks so much for going out of your way to help me replace the teleprompter screws that we misplaced. Our VIP video recording session went flawlessly today, thanks to you. This is the second time you’ve helped us in the short time we’ve had our teleprompter; I sure am glad we purchased it from you!

Thank You!
Andrew Yelenosky – CNA


Thank you so much for your assistance with this. I tested the software, and it works great! I’ve been using PowerPrompter for several years, and find it very easy to use. From time to time, a friend will ask me to use a new piece of software, or something that comes free, and I always end up grateful that I have PowerPrompter waiting for me on my computer. I’ve always used a trackball to control the speed, but I can already see how much more control there is with a mouse trackwheel, and I’m excited about using it in the future.

Thanks again for all your help and friendly service.

-Kevin Fitzpatrick

Video Producer, Great Valley School District

Tonight we were taping the AFI Life Achievement Award to Sean Connery and Steven Spielberg was a presenter. He came backstage to preview his copy and saw the screen with the words on it and said, “Wow, that’s big” Then he sat in front of my laptop and put his hand on the mouse and said “Mind if I run it myself?”
I said, “just use the scroll wheel” and he tried it and told me it was really sensitive. After two sentences, he had it down. I sat there and watched Steven Speilberg operate my computer with your software and wished I had a camera. Just thought you might like to hear that story.


I have used several different teleprompting programs over the years, but PowerPrompter® is by far the best. PowerPrompter® imports scripts quickly and cleanly, allowing for fast editing, making me look good. This program provides the versatility I need to make my clients happy, whatever the situation. I strongly recommend PowerPrompter® as the only teleprompter program you will ever need.


I’ve been using PowerPrompter® Teleprompter Software on all my Teleprompting systems for several years now and am very happy with the performance. It’s easy to learn, intuitive and fast…

In a professional teleprompter environment, quick is very important. That means we can get into our edits and back to the scrolling mode instantly. We don’t keep our clients waiting.”

Rene Larsen – Speakeasy Prompters Inc.

Just a final note to let you know that your software was used for a real shoot today and performed well. July would probably be the next time we would be making purchases so please keep in touch.

Vince Lawson

The professional and affordable teleprompter solution.  Electronic Script Prompting has been providing field proven teleprompters and teleprompting software for decades.  The staff at Electronic Script Prompting have years of experience in the field, and will go above and beyond to create a teleprompting solution to fit your needs and your budget.  Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements.

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